NFL Tickets: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Cardinals, Saints, or Cowboys Season Ticket Holder?  If so, follow the links below for team-specific FAQs!  

Arizona Cardinals

New Orleans Saints

Dallas Cowboys

What does this symbol mean when I am shopping for NFL tickets on SeatGeek? 


This means the tickets you’re looking at are verified tickets!  Verified tickets mean your tickets will be delivered straight to your SeatGeek app, and because they’re connected to the team’s box office, it’s like you bought the tickets straight from the team. If you do have any problems at the gate, the box office has got your back.  

Can I change the format of my NFL ticket to hardstock or PDF? 

NFL teams have moved to mobile-only ticketing which means that your phone is your ticket!  While we cannot provide you with a hardstock or printable ticket for these games, mobile tickets are the most secure way to get you into the game, and we’re here to help make sure you can access them.  This article will tell you all you need to know about NFL ticket delivery.  

My tickets aren’t showing up.

If you are an Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, or Dallas Cowboys Season Ticket Holder and have trouble viewing your season tickets, it may be because you haven’t added them to SeatGeek yet. 

  • Saints Season Ticket Holders click here.
  • Cowboys Season Ticket Holders click here.
  • Cardinals Season Ticket Holders click here.

It’s also possible you have two SeatGeek accounts. Please check to ensure you’re logged into SeatGeek using the correct email address here.


For all other NFL purchases, if your tickets aren’t showing up, it’s most likely because the seller hasn’t fulfilled your order quite yet. If you purchased tickets well before the season begins, it may take some time for your barcodes to be uploaded. Check back closer to the start of the season, and if you still don’t see your tickets, contact us! If you purchased tickets during the season, they should be fulfilled within minutes. If you don’t see them right away, go ahead and reach out to us.

I’d like to change or cancel my NFL Ticket Order. 

Since SeatGeek is a marketplace that lets fans of live events buy and sell tickets, we're unable to refund, cancel, or exchange tickets. The vendors that we list also have a general policy that all sales are final. If your event is canceled and not rescheduled, SeatGeek, in its sole discretion, will provide you with a full refund of the purchase price or, subject to applicable state laws, issue you a credit for use on a future purchase.

Can I pick up my tickets at the Box Office? 

We highly recommend using your mobile SeatGeek NFL tickets to get into your game; they will be more convenient and help you avoid lines at the Box Office. However, if for some reason you can’t get to your mobile NFL tickets on game day, the Box Office has your back! Make sure you provide the Box Office agent with your full name and photo ID and they should be able to get you through the gates.  If you have any trouble, contact us.

How can I sell my NFL Tickets on SeatGeek? 

If you have access to your mobile NFL ticket barcodes, you can easily list them for sale on SeatGeek!  Here’s how: 

  1. Log into your SeatGeek account and visit My Tickets
  2. From there, click “Add Tickets” and then choose the “Add NFL Tickets” Option: 

Add Tickets and NFL Tickets

      3. Then, simply choose your team and game, fill in the section/row/seat and barcode information from your tickets, and you will be good to list your tickets!

For more information about selling your tickets on SeatGeek, you can go here.  

Season Ticket Holders can also sell tickets on multiple sites!

Due to a contract that the NFL has with Ticketmaster, all NFL tickets need to be listed onto the NFL Ticket Exchange before any other platform. Please log into your SeatGeek Account Manager, go through the process of listing your tickets as you normally would, and you’ll see that they are sent over to the NFL Ticket Exchange first.

After you list your tickets onto the NFL Ticket Exchange, you’ll have access to sell on SeatGeek Marketplace. Once listed on the NFL Ticket Exchange, you’ll see the option to “List Tickets on SeatGeek”.

If you’re not seeing that option, you can click back into the event tile you’re trying to list for sale and then you’ll see that that are already listed on the NFL Ticket Exchange and below that the options “Let’s Go” or “List Tickets on SeatGeek” depending on what device you’re using.

Once you’ve listed your tickets onto the NFL Ticket Exchange and SeatGeek Marketplace, you can now list your tickets on other ticketing platforms.
You can do that by clicking into the same event in SeatGeek, you’ll see that your tickets have been listed onto the NFL Ticket Exchange and SeatGeek Marketplace, and then you’ll see a tab that says “Let’s Go”. Click that and you’ll see the barcodes you can copy and paste into other websites while creating a listing.


Please note that we only allow barcode information from mobile barcode tickets to be listed for sale. If you have a hardstock tickets, please reach out to the original ticket provider to see whether a mobile ticket can be obtained.
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