How do I accept and access mobile transfer tickets using the MLB Ballpark app?

Many MLB teams require their tickets to be transferred through the home team’s mobile ticket account manager or the MLB Ballpark app. You will receive an email invite that will prompt you to download the MLB Ballpark app. Then you'll need to create an account in the MLB Ballpark app using the same email address you provided for your SeatGeek order at checkout.

After you have created an account with the MLB Ballpark app, you will need to link the account with that home team’s ticketing account manager which is automatically created with your email once the transfer is sent to you. Once your account is linked, you'll be able to display the tickets from within the MLB Ballpark app!

Here are detailed step-by-step instructions and an instructional video in case you're more of a visual learner!

1. Check your inbox, junk, and spam folders (For Gmail, check the Promotions folder) for an email with the subject line Tickets have been forwarded to you. 

  • You can also search for the name of the home team and venue or the phrases sent you tickets, Forwarded You Tickets, Accept tickets or for an email from or

2. Click the link in the email to accept your tickets and create an account with the same email address used to place your order in the MLB Ballpark app.

  • You may have to create an account in the team's account manager and link it to the MLB Ballpark app. After creating your account in the team's account manager, tap Link Account and follow the prompts to view your tickets. 

3. Your tickets will be available in the Wallet tab of your account.

  • If you don't see your tickets right away or receive the message Inventory Not Available after following these steps, then your tickets will appear in the app on game day.  

If you're having trouble accepting or viewing your MLB tickets, contact us by scrolling down and tapping Contact Support while viewing your order in the SeatGeek app. Click here to see how.

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