What is the account manager?

The account manager is the Tickets section specifically for season ticket holders. After linking your season tickets to SeatGeek, you can log in, head to your Account Manager and manage your season tickets.

All of your tickets will be in one place for you to sell, transfer, download and print. You can check out exclusive deals like pre-sales under the Offers tab, view your past invoices and find contact information for your team representative.

How do I add my payment method to my Account Manager?

Once you’ve connected your SeatGeek account to your season tickets, you’ll be prompted to add your payment information to your Account Manager. We ask you to complete this step so that if you are on a payment plan or decide to renew your tickets for future seasons, the payment process is quick and seamless.

To add your payment details, login to your SeatGeek account on desktop and head to your Account Manager. Once in the Account Manager, select Payment Plans followed by Update Payment Method. Then enter your payment method, hit save, and you’re all set!

Who should I contact with questions about my Account Manager?

If you have questions about your tickets please contact one of the following numbers:

Team Phone Number Email
Chicago Red Stars 1-888-387-1824 chicagoredstars@seatgeek.com
Dallas Cowboys 1-888-259-3360 dallascowboys@seatgeek.com
Louisville City FC 1-888-512-5759 loucity@seatgeek.com
Minnesota United FC 1-888-253-7897 mnufc@seatgeek.com
New Orleans Pelicans 1-888-404-3930 pelicans@seatgeek.com
New Orleans Saints 1-888-400-0860 saints@seatgeek.com
Portland Timbers 1-888-983-1783 timbers@seatgeek.com 
Portland Thorns 1-888-983-1783 thorns@seatgeek.com
Seattle Sounders FC 1-888-444-9028 sounders@seatgeek.com
Sporting KC 1-888-415-6650 sportingkc@seatgeek.com
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