Why can’t I select the number of tickets that I want?

Because SeatGeek is essentially a platform that connects users to ticket sellers, we give sellers a great deal of freedom in how they list their tickets. As a result, we allow sellers to specify the number of tickets that can be sold from a given listing.

In most cases, sellers will set up their listings so that they won’t be left with a single ticket since they're generally harder to sell. For instance, a listing of 3 tickets may allow you to purchase 1 ticket or 3 tickets, but not 2 tickets.

In some cases, sellers are restricted by the venue restrictions, such as pod seating or reduced-capacity. You can read here for more information on these kinds of venue restrictions.

Our event pages include a feature that allows you to filter listings by the number of tickets available. That should make finding a particular quantity of tickets much easier. 

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1. Open the SeatGeek app and find an event.

2. Tap Filter in the navigation bar, just above the list of available tickets.

3. You can show prices with the fees included, change ticket quantity, and filter for promo-eligible tickets.

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